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NTT Security Holdings provides you with the essential tools, resources and services you need to stop attacks across all levels of your digital landscape effortlessly and effectively.

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2022 Global Threat Intelligence Report

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Protection from a Global Leader

With the support of our Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC) and leading-edge cybersecurity services, NTT delivers unique visibility into threat activity over the internet. You can rest assured knowing that your business is protected every second of every day. As your cybersecurity partner, NTT will help you:

  • Minimize business impact by recognizing threats early.
  • Reduce risk by detecting threats that could bypass existing controls.
  • Gain cyber resilience quickly with cloud native turnkey solutions.

Services & Products

Cybersecurity is a constant challenge. That’s why more than 1,500 businesses around the world depend on NTT. By monitoring our customers’ IT/OT environments 24/7 with our proprietary intelligence, we can discover and respond to threats instantly and effectively with near-zero false positives – no matter how sophisticated and malicious the threats may be.

How to identify and stop an advanced persistent threat (APT)

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) stand out over other forms of cyber attacks. Before we get into it, first, we need to address: What is an APT? APT refers to a class of threat actor who uses stealth to establish unauthorized access, usually remaining undetected for a period of time, waiting until they are ready to accomplish their objective (usually political or economic).

Container security: why being isolated doesn’t mean protected

Google defines a container as a package that contains all the necessary elements for the software to run in any environment. You can think of a container as "virtualizing" the user-space in an operating system, allowing applications to run as if they are the only application running on that operating system instance.

NTT by the Numbers

  • 20+ years’ experience in 24x7 Managed Security Services.
  • 800+ billion logs processed per month.
  • 1,500 enterprise customers.
  • 150+ technology partners in continual development of security products.
  • 73% of all security incidents last year detected by NTT-developed tools and methods.
  • 40%+ of internet traffic visibility.

NTT Advantages

Proprietary Indicator of Compromise. As opposed to detecting threats from a single data source, NTT enables automated detection by combining data sources.

Global Honeypot Network. NTT provides early warning and discovery of emerging threats thanks to a network geographically dispersed across multiple regions and multiple cloud providers.

Trickbot Commander Controller. On average, our advanced technologies identify threats 24 hours before VirusTotal classifies the server as malicious.

Information Sharing Network. Our extensive threat intelligence information sharing network includes US Homeland Security and the Cyber Threat Alliance.

“In our first month’s report, we had over 369 million security logs captured. Through NTT’s systems this was condensed to 637 events of which only one needed to be investigated.”
Daniel TribeChief Technology OfficerFEX Global

Proactive Cyber Defense Services

Cybersecurity that goes beyond Managed Detection & Response, both inside and outside your organization, using human resources as strengths.

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