SOC Cyber Security Report

Latest Report: 2023.04

This report selects and summarizes 3 topics that are considered to be especially important from among various information security incidents and events that occurred during April 2023 and the changes in the surrounding environment.

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Topics Covered in Report 2023.04

Topics include FBI takedown of Genesis Market, leaked "Vulkan files',
and FBI warning of juice-jacking attacks.

Cyber Threat Monthly report

FBI Announces Takedown of Genesis Market in Joint Investigation with States

On April 5, the US Justice Department announced that it had taken down the Genesis Market, which sold credentials stolen in a cyberattacks. [*]1The investigation, conducted jointly by the FBI, Europol and others, resulted in the arrest of 119 users of the market. Attempts access the market now indicate that "this site has been seized," along with the logos and other information of the law enforcement agencies in each country that assisted in the investigation.

Leaked Vulkan files and their aftermath

A leaked document has been reported that reveals some of Russia's efforts in cyberwarfare. It is called the “Vulkan files” because it is an internal document of NTC Vulkan, a Moscow-based IT consultancy. It came to light after a company whistleblower, who opposed Russia's invasion of Ukraine, provided it to Western news outlets.

FBI warns of juice-jacking attacks

On April 6, the Denver bureau of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) posted a call on Twitter to be on the lookout for a "juice-jacking attack" that involves the rigging of USB charging ports installed in airports and other locations. Compromised USB charging ports install malware or conduct other attacks on connected devices.

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