Webinar SOC Open House

By NTT Security Holdings

Published January 23, 2023  |  Event

Watch the webinar hosted at our security operation center in Gothenburg. Virtually meet our security analysts and get to know how NTT detects and responds to advanced persistent threats. You can preview the SOC here: Virtual SOC Tour

Webinar Recording Agenda

  • Welcome and introduction to NTT Security services
  • Threat detection - Threat Intelligence, advanced analytics, machine learning
  • Samurai XDR Application
  • SOC Operations - How the services are delivered 24/7
  • Live demonstration of an attack and how the SOC detects, reports and responds to it

73% of all validated security incidents sent to clients last year were initially detected with tools and methods developed by NTT, while the remaining were alerts from security technology such as firewalls, IPS and EDR. For any questions or to request more info on our services please contact us.

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